Eager to climb back on your sled and
cruise over a deep blanket of
gleaming snow? The cruising
opportunities in Minnesota are just
about limitless, and tempt
snowmobilers to wander further from
home to go exploring.

Minnesota's rolling terrain, thousands
of lakes, and extensive forests add
up to terrific winter scenery. And with
the immense popularity of
snowmobiling here, towns and
businesses cater to them, making it
easy to plan stops for lunch and hot
coffee at local spots along the route.

All in all, there are about 22,000 miles
of groomed and marked snowmobile
trails leading to every nook and
cranny of the state. Minnesota's
well-cared for trails can be directly
credited to the Grant-in-Aid program
of the state's Department of Natural
Resources and snowmobiling clubs
across the state. It's a funding
partnership between the clubs, the
users and the states that has created
what may be the finest system of
trails in the country. Supported by
sled registration fees, the program
provides for trail development,
improvement and grooming.
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